Our objective

Our objective is to research, analyse and publish comparative information on African commercial law systems. Timely, accurate information about legislation , regulation, dispute resolution, contract and arbitral awards enforcement in African jurisdictions is of significant practical value to citizens, businesses, investors and law professionals. By establishing objective quality benchmarks we aim to encourage best practice and promote the rule of law.

There are a number of organisations and initiatives which have been been established to promote the rule of law generally in Africa; and they do very important work. However, we are not aware of an organisation that focuses on research and studies to provide data on commercial law systems (legislation, regulation, quality of commercial justice, enforcement of judgements and arbitral awards, etc) for local and foreign investors and law professionals–thereby facilitating investment and encouraging improvements in the delivery of commercial justice for the benefit of the various economies of the continent. This is an important area in which ACLF believes it can make a useful contribution. We believe that improved standards of adjudication in commercial cases and better enforcement processes are achievable objectives which would deliver very significant direct benefits to citizens and businesses as well as promoting general social and economic development.

In recent years many African economies have experienced rapid growth, with a dramatic increase in many types of commercial activity and a surge in foreign investment. Newly empowered economic actors need contractual certainty and fair processes for dispute resolution: African governments increasingly understand that the adoption of rule of law principles translates directly into competitive economic advantage.